History of the company

Our company exists on market since 1982 year and in this period it won permanent place on the list of the best producers of polyurethane adhesives, assembly foams, raw material polyurethane systems for rigid, microporous and integral foams and shoe systems production.

In our offer we have the whole pallet of adhesives for all possible building materials, assembly foams with various properties – from basic version, through foam for professionals, up to foam having B2 combustibility class. We also offer heat-insulation boards with various densities, laggings cut to fit and flexible moulders for different industry branches.

Our products are characterized by the highest quality and excellent functional properties; our satisfied clients testify it is true.

Qualified and experienced engineer staff and modern laboratory assure optimum adaptation of our products to our clients individual needs.

Jerzy Rogalski




The first spray foam insulation systems training session


Class 2a (enrolled in 2011) at the Electronic and Mechanical Engineering College in Poznań, under the patronage of Polychem Systems


SiPUR (the Polish Association of PUR and PIR Insulation Manufacturers and Processors) is established with Polychem Systems as its co-founder


The sporting achievements of one of the customers of Polychem Systems


ISO granted to Polychem Systems


BUDMA 2000 Fair


The first spray foam insulation systems


1982 Dawna siedziba Polychem Systems. Swarzędz_lata 80-te (5)

The former headquarters of Polychem Systems in Swarzędz

ⓒ 2020 Polychem Systems Sp. z o.o.

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